Rick Rule | How Far Will The Next Upturn In Commodities Go?

By Remy Blaire

NOIC 2018 Mining Share panel (left to right): Brien Lundin, Nick Hodge, Byron King, Lobo Tiggre (Click to watch).

Rick Rule hosted the timely Mining Share panel at the New Orleans Investment Conference alongside Brien Lundin, Editor of Gold Newsletter and CEO of the New Orleans Investment Conference. Joining Rick and Brien were Nick Hodge, Founder and President of The Outsider Club, Byron King, Editor at Agora Financial, and Lobo Tiggre, Founder and CEO of Louis James LLC.

The panel, which brought a wealth of opinions and convictions on the mining sector, was a favorite among attendees.

For his part, Rule balanced the discussion with his own successes and tough lessons, reminding the audience at one point that “bear markets are the authors of bull markets” — or, in other words, when it comes to commodity prices, what goes down must eventually go up. He challenged the panelists on the prospect of a mining sector resurgence. As you might expect, the contrarian investing experience on the panel provided for a lively discussion chock-full of information.

It may come as no surprise that uranium was among the expert panel’s top picks while copper and silver received honorable mentions.

Among the topics examined were:

  1. Risk versus reward: What kind of capitalization looks attractive in the current investing climate?
  2. Commodity themes: Which commodity is a favorable opportunity and why?
  3. Sector themes: What sector themes in mining are attractive?
  4. Market upside: How far will the upturn in commodities go as a result of the down cycle?
  5. Black swan events: How might a black swan impact the commodity thesis?

Click here to watch the discussion in its entirety.

Rick Rule (moderator).

The New Orleans Investment Conference is known as an annual gathering of minds in The Crescent City. It has become a legendary investment get-together over the course of four-and-a-half decades. The NOIC has amassed prominent keynote speakers made up of renowned economists, entrepreneurs, politicians and literary figures. The panel discussions feature a host of distinguished speakers who address crucial investing topics and answer the pressing questions of the private investors. The most recent Conference in New Orleans embraced the uncertainty in market sentiment with panel discussions on the economy, geopolitics and the “Booms, Busts and Bubbles.”

To watch the presentation from NOIC 2018, CLICK HERE.