NexGen Energy – Saskatchewan Uranium Deposit Is High Grade Deposit

Leigh Curyer, president and CEO of NexGen Energy Ltd.

Rick Rule interviews Leigh Curyer, president and CEO of NexGen Energy Ltd., about the company’s uranium exploration assets in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada — specifically its Arrow Deposit. Curyer describes the Arrow Deposit as the best uranium asset in the world from both a technical perspective and an economic perspective. What makes the deposit unique is that it is 100% on land — an unusual case in Saskatchewan. It is large, hosted in consolidated basement and has a very clean metallurgy, making extraction and processing comparatively very straightforward. And to top it off, uranium deposits in Saskatchewan are averaging 100 times the grade of the rest of the world’s production. In other words, while the world average production grade averages 0.1%, Saskatchewan uranium deposits average 10%, says Curyer.

The company is in the process of the largest drilling program of a uranium project in Canada in the last 15 years. With loads of results coming in, it expects to tighten drilling density and expand the size of the deposit. Behind the project is a management team that Curyer calls the “Navy SEALS of mining.” NexGen’s senior board members and senior executive members are the best of the best, he says, and together they have extensive mining experience — in exploration, development, feasibility, permitting, construction, production, commissioning and reclamation.

Listen below to Rick Rule’s interview with Leigh Curyer, NexGen Energy Ltd.’s president and CEO.

Interview Date: March 14, 2019