Junior Gold Miners Set For Major Acquisitions


December 12, 2019 – BNN Bloomberg

Junior gold miners are set for major acquisitions next year: Sprott CEO

On BNN Bloomberg, Sprott CEO Peter Grosskopf sheds light on the recent merger and acquisition (M&A) trend that started aggressively at the beginning of 2019 and has continued to increase steadily. Grosskopf notes that single-mine companies, which can have a cost-of-capital that is three times greater than that of a major company, are at a disadvantage. The disparity creates opportunities and drives M&A activity.

“There’s a huge difference in the health and the cost of capital of the big companies from the small.” – Peter Grosskopf, Sprott Inc. CEO

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December 12, 2019 – Palisade Radio

Rick Rule joins Palisade Radio

Speaking on Palisade Radio, Rick Rule shares his belief that the slow climb in the gold price is an encouraging sign.

“Meteoric rises, while they’re amusing, are usually followed by meteoric declines.” – Rick Rule, Sprott U.S. Holdings CEO

For his part, Rule prefers a market where the gold price lurches forward before “backing and filling” – evidence in his mind of an extremely healthy market.

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December 11, 2019 – The Ellis Martin Report

Ellis Martin interviews Rick Rule at Mines and Money London.

Rick sits down with The Ellis Martin Report at the Mines and Money London conference. According to Rule, data suggest that, by historical standards, gold mining stocks are priced for value.

“After having suffering through, depending on how you count, seven hard years, we’re coming back into good times.” – Rick Rule, Sprott U.S. Holdings CEO

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