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The New Normal

Gold posted steady gains in May with a 2.6% increase. After a rather tumultuous past few months, every asset class appears to be normalizing, including gold bullion. Gold posted steady gains in May with a 2.6% increase. Gold is up 14.04% YTD through May 31, 2020, and 32.54% YOY. At the same time, [...]

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Investing in Crisis

"You never know what’s going to trip the market ⁠— it wasn’t the trade wars, it wasn’t the impeachment proceedings, it ended up being a virus." Sprott president Whitney George discusses his investing approach in these challenging times. Read more

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Gold Stocks Take Flight

Gold mining equities (SGDM)1 have gained 13.81% YTD, and 58.67% YOY as of April 30 Published: May 5, 2020 Gold equities broke out of a multi-year resistance level on massive buying flows in April. Gold miners may be experiencing disruptions due to COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, but they stand to benefit from a rising [...]

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The New Era

Gold continues to deliver strong relative performance and is up 12.97% on a year-to-date basis through April 27, 2020 We propose that gold is not only a financial hedge to government monetary and fiscal policies, it is a mandatory portfolio and household diversification asset. Gold provides a degree of separation from the ongoing [...]

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GOLD in the New Financial Landscape

Webcast Replay Sprott's Ed Coyne, Whitney George and John Hathaway provide in-depth analysis on gold and gold equities. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new financial landscape, where returns from traditional financial assets could be subpar for many years. By contrast, the crisis continues to highlight gold’s value as a safe haven investment. [...]

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