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John Hathaway | We’re In This Very Happy Situation Where There Actually Can Be Some Intelligent M&A

The 2020 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium is pleased to welcome John Hathaway, the distinguished portfolio manager of the Sprott Gold Equity Fund (formerly, the Tocqueville Gold Fund) as a keynote presenter at this year’s event in Vancouver. Sprott acquired the Tocqueville Gold Strategies in January 2020, combining the strengths of two precious metals industry leaders, [...]

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Are Energy And Chinese Stocks Bottoming?

By Tekoa Da Silva † Photo credit Since 2017, I’ve spent time studying financial statements of companies in two markets I believe are attractive: energy and emerging markets (with an emphasis on China). The recent outbreak of novel coronavirus in China has accentuated the plunge in Shanghai-listed securities. The national response to the [...]

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Rick Rule | There Are So Few Quality Uranium Producers

RECENT MEDIA APPEARANCES Sprott Media — Exclusive Interview with Spencer Abraham, former US Energy Secretary Rick Rule interviews Spencer Abraham Rick Rule interviews former Energy Secretary, Spencer Abraham, about the importance of a diversified national energy policy and how energy investors should position their portfolios. Read More

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There Is Widespread Nervousness Around The Global Bond Market

RECENT MEDIA APPEARANCES January 10, 2020 — Finance and Liberty CEO of Sprott Asset Management, Rick Rule, returns to Finance and Liberty to give us his 2020 preview for metals, markets, and impacts from unexpected geopolitical hot-spots. “The prices on junk debt — that is the level at which the oil and gas [...]

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