The Quest For The Next 100-Bagger

By Remy Blaire   The great debate over stock market valuation continues as equity averages grind higher. Focus will soon shift to Q2 earnings season and with it comes elevated expectations for extended earnings growth and higher revenues. At a time when growth strategies receive more positive attention than value strategies, the reality that markets [...]

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Focus: Whitney George – Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

By Remy Blaire The annual shareholder meeting for Berkshire Hathaway took place in Omaha, Nebraska. The “Woodstock of Capitalism” attracted tens of thousands of Warren Buffett devotees from around the globe. The 87-year-old Oracle of Omaha answered many questions at the three-day event. Buffett and Charlie Munger dedicated several hours talking about business strategy, the [...]

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Focus: Mines and Money New York 2018

By Remy Blaire The second annual ‘Mines and Money New York’ event brought several hundred mining industry professionals together. Mining companies, institutional investors, sector analysts and industry experts gathered in Midtown Manhattan to scrutinize the investing landscape. The usual suspects were on the minds of attendees: geopolitical uncertainty, economic growth, technological advancements and commodity prices. [...]

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