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Minsky Moment

By Trey Reik Gold is clearly responding to a global pivot by central bankers back towards concerted monetary easing, and the intractable nature of excessive global debt levels suggests we are in the very early innings of the developing easing cycle. In short, for gold this is the real deal and we suspect [...]

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The Rebirth of Gold as Money

Gold Ranks Sixth Among Most Liquid Asset Classes of 2018. Source: World Gold Council The debate over gold’s place in a modern investment portfolio has been well covered. Call it the “Pet Rock” versus the “End of Fiat Currency” grudge match. But the facts are not subject to such intense interpretation. Read more

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Investing Near The Bottom Of A Commodity Cycle: Junior Mining

A Conversation With Brent Cook By Aditya Pattanaik In 1975, Charles Ellis published his seminal article on investing, “The Loser’s Game.” He likened investing to a game of tennis between two amateur tennis enthusiasts, in which winning was more about keeping the ball in play and less about hitting winners. In trying to beat the [...]

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Gold Continues Bullish Consolidation

Source: Bloomberg as of July 12, 2019. Last week, gold bullion continued its bullish consolidation ($1,380 support, $1,440 resistance), and gold equities recovered to touch new 52-week highs as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reaffirmed the likelihood of a July 31 interest rate cut.

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Carlos Vicens – Neo Lithium Corp. – Lithium Brine Discovery To Development In Two Years

Carlos Vicens, CFO of Neo Lithium Corp. Rick Rule interviews Carlos Vicens, CFO of Neo Lithium Corp., about the fast-moving Tres Quebradas lithium brine project (3Q Project) in Catamarca Province, the largest lithium producing area in Argentina. The 3Q Project is situated within the “Lithium Triangle” — a portion of South America with [...]

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Gold Holds to $1,400 Breakout

Source: Bloomberg as of July 5, 2019. Gold spot price based on GOLDS Comdty index. To recap gold’s positive trend over the past few weeks, gold trading above the $1,370/80 per ounce level verifies a critical multi-year base breakout.  Gold’s rise has been impressive as multiple assets have corroborated the move, and the [...]

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Craig Parry – IsoEnergy Ltd. – Hurricane Zone Discovery In World’s Highest-Grade Uranium District

Craig Parry, president and CEO of IsoEnergy Ltd. Rick Rule interviews Craig Parry, president and CEO of IsoEnergy Ltd., about the company’s exploration methodology and discovery of high grade uranium in the Hurricane zone in the eastern Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, Canada. Parry says the discovery is shaping up into one of material [...]

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