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Being A Doyen Is A Good Thing, Right?

Stephanie Pomboy and Grant Williams, hosts of the popular podcast Super Terrific Happy Hour, interview a true legend of the precious metals industry, John Hathaway. The three discuss Hathaway's storied career, how John's experience of multiple market cycles has helped him successfully maneuver the precious metals space and what he expects going forward. Read [...]

By | 2020-11-09T10:23:50-08:00 November 9th, 2020|Insights, Sprott's Thought's|0 Comments

Gold, The Simple Math

The current pullback in the precious metals sector is a buying opportunity. It is possible that gold and gold mining shares could continue to chop sideways-to-lower until the U.S. presidential election results are known and even into yearend as the implications are sorted out. Now is the time to start layering in gold exposure, [...]

By | 2020-10-15T13:48:59-07:00 October 16th, 2020|Insights, Sprott's Thought's|0 Comments

Gold Masterclass

As gold hits new all-time highs and rises above $2,000 an ounce for the first time ever, Sprott and VanEck evaluate what's driving this safe haven asset's outperformance. Sprott's Ed Coyne and VanEck's Ima Casanova look at fundamentals, evaluate equities and share their outlooks. Read more

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Gold Tops $2,000 and Silver Soars

After touching a record high of $2,075 on August 7, gold bullion closed August at $1,968. Despite a pullback by month end, we see gold well supported above the prior cycle high of $1,900 as it settles into a sustainable $2,000-$2,200 trading level. Both silver bullion and gold mining equities reached multi-year highs in [...]

By | 2020-09-03T08:41:11-07:00 September 3rd, 2020|Insights, Sprott's Thought's|0 Comments

Gold Needs to “Glow Up”

Gold has powered over $2,000, and we take stock of what has been accomplished by the monetary metal and what may lie next. It has now been established as a baseline that a diversified asset portfolio must include an allocation to gold. No other liquid asset accomplishes what gold does in the way of [...]

By | 2020-08-26T12:24:09-07:00 August 26th, 2020|Insights, Sprott's Thought's|0 Comments

Gold Attains Escape Velocity

The precious metals complex set off fireworks in July as gold bullion reached all-time highs. Silver bullion and gold mining equities broke through significant long-term resistance levels to further improve their bullish standing. Year to date, precious metals continue to outperform as gold has attained “escape velocity”, i.e., it has gravitationally moved away from [...]

By | 2020-08-04T08:43:37-07:00 August 6th, 2020|Insights, Sprott's Thought's|0 Comments

The Metal in Britain’s Coins – Where did it come from and how did it get here?

Dr Graham Birch joined the Sprott Board of Directors and has in-depth experience in asset management, especially in precious metals, having been responsible for gold and mining investments at BlackRock in London. Graham has just written a book, "The Metal in Britain’s Coins – Where did it come from and how did it get [...]

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